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In lieu of the present COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s daily routine has taken a turn for the worst. From not being able to leave your home, to having to wear a mask wherever you go, it has not been an easy time for us. However, life must go on, and so we must prevail. Despite this, those talented individuals out there have been able to find the silver lining in this dark cloud. I’m talking about those who have taken to the Internet to make a life that much better and more bearable.

It is common now to see businesses shift from the traditional way of selling to the modern ways of online shopping. Almost everyone has a website of their own, many of whom have been able to survive by creating their own websites. Small businesses in particular, who have less budget to hire professionals to do it for them, have resulted in creating your own website. Now, I’m not saying this is wrong, as in these trying times we must fight to do the best that we can and settled for what we cannot instead. However, there’s something distinguished and different when the creation of a website is done by that of a professional. 

Professional writing

When hiring professionals, one should consider many things. However, the most important thing to prioritize is the writing of the articles that will be posted on your website. This is because what is written will be representing not only you but also your company. What is written portrays the image that you are going to be showing the public. Thus, by hiring a professional, they will be able to give you the best word possible for you to attract the most customers. However, for those of you who don’t wish to do so, here are some things that professionals consider when creating a website that could be beneficial for you. 

Font Type

Firstly is the font, not just the size but also the type. The type of font can sometimes portray the type of field that you’re trying to present. If you’re going for something more professional, you could probably use fonts like Times New Roman. If you’re going for something more laid back, you could consider using Comic Sans. On the other hand, if you’re going for something fancy, you could use more cursive styles of writing such as Lucida Handwriting or Lucida Calligraphy, two fonts that can give you beautiful results while at the same time, be comprehensible for your readers.

web design company in Malaysia

Font Size

Another thing to consider is the size of your writing. Professionals will be able to determine which size of writing would be better for your readers, for instance, they would size more important information bigger, while on the other hand, the minor details can be in a smaller font. 


Placement of information is also something that many people tend to forget. But what you need to remember is that you should keep the more significant information above and in a bigger font, while the minor details can be placed underneath the important information in a smaller font. You should also prioritize placing the current news of your business is towards the top of your website compared to what is on the bottom. 

For those of you who would like to possess a professional website without having to go through the trouble yourself, check out our web design company in Malaysia known as Digital Zoopedia. 

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