Wearing a Watch, the Right Way

Whether it is your first casual watch or the tenth, you should know how to properly wear one. In this article, I will talk about some much-needed watch etiquette so that you will know exactly how to wear your chosen timepiece like a badge of honor.

Where Should I Put My Watch?

If you ask anyone where you should be wearing your watch, you will most likely get an honest answer: On your left wrist. This presupposes that you are actually right-handed and most people actually are.
To put it succinctly, wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand makes sense to allow your main hand to do what it needs to do without hampering its movement. But, this is an age-old notion that has to be scrapped.

You see, it really doesn’t matter where you put your watch so long as you are comfortable wearing one. If you are right-handed, for example, but you still want to put your watch on the same hand, then, by all means, no one is stopping you.
I truly believe that people are more open-minded about your watch placement now more than ever before. So summing it up, put it where you’re most comfortable.

How Tight Should My Watch Be?

For you to properly fit your watch on the wrist, it is important that you find one that is perfectly-sized for you. That means that the watch case should not be too big nor too small for your wrist.
As for the tightness, you want to go just enough in that the watch doesn’t move while you are moving your hand and not too tight that it will actually leave marks on your wrist. This is so much easier if you are wearing a leather or resin strap.

If you are using a metal watchband, you want to make sure that you go with the looser configuration. That is because when you are going to adjust the strap, it doesn’t fit perfectly like other straps; it always goes either looser or tighter. That is why you should opt for the looser configuration since that is what’s most comfortable.

Should My Watch Be Inside or Outside the Cuff?

If you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt, the best way to wear a watch is inside the cuff. When you cross your arms, the watch should be peaking out and if that happens, then you’ll know that you’ve worn it properly.

What Watch Should You Be Wearing?

Now that you know how to properly wear a watch, it is now time for you to know which watch you should be wearing based on the occasion.
For formal events, a dress watch is definitely a must. Its subdued form factor makes your wardrobe stand out more.
Active individuals should be looking more into sports watches since they are packed with features that are appropriate for the active person.
An aviation or dive watch is actually not bad, especially if you are opting for that smart-casual look.

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