Various Types of NFTs in This World

NFTs are often connected with non-physical art, but there are various sorts of NFTs, which are discussed in this guide.


1. Works of art


This is, as previously said, the most common category of NFTs. These are mostly digital artworks that come with a public certificate of authenticity and ownership from the digital ledger where they’re kept. The most expensive NFT sold was artist Beeple’s digital artwork ‘The First 5000 Days,’ which sold for $69.3 million at a Christie’s auction in March 2021. Checkout search cryptopunk nft art in malaysia as one of the art nft.


2. Antiques and collectibles


Collectibles were the very first NFTs to be released. They’re digital versions of tangible artefacts like Pokemon cards or antique mint condition toys. Curio Cards were the first significant NFT collectibles to be released, followed by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Cat Colony, Meebits, and other collectibles. They’re a collector’s dream, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club has proven to be one of the most expensive digital collectibles available.


3. Sports memorabilia 


Sports Memorabilia is one of the most popular NFT categories, with the NBA Top Shot being the most well-known NFT in this category. A video clip of great sporting events is frequently included in this sort of NFT. The LeBron James Dunk, Throwdowns (Series), a clip showing Lakers star LeBron James dunking the ball, is one of the most well-known NFTS in this category. It was one of the most valuable Sports Memorabilia NFTs ever, selling for nearly $380,000.

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4. Video-Game Resources


These are NFT-based video games in which participants compete for prizes such as bitcoin, digital assets, and other NFTs. The game Axie Infinity was the first NFT video-game asset, and after that, games like CryptoKitties, Gods Unchained, Sorare, and others were immensely popular among video game players.


5. Virtual Terrain


This encompasses both video games and the Metaverse’s territory. It may seem to be a completely useless item with no real-world uses, yet it has a lot of promise. Advertisements may be placed within video games, and virtual assets can be created, among other things.

6. Memes 


No one could have predicted that memes would have any financial worth a few years ago, but in the wake of the NFT boom, memes have emerged as a valuable digital commodity. In June 2021, the original Doge meme was auctioned for $4 million. Memes such as Disaster Girl, Bad Luck Brian, Success Kid, NyanCat, and others have been highly valued and sold for large sums of money, making meme producers rich and the meme market profitable. The catastrophe girl meme was auctioned for more than $470,000.


7. Domain names 


These are blockchain-based crypto domains, such as Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum. They have approximately 500 domain extensions, with ‘.eth’ being the most popular. Crypto domains are a sought-after commodity since they are not reliant on any centralised authority. They may also be used to connect crypto-wallets, which is a capability that non-NFT domain names do not have. Cryptodomains’ primary flaw is that they are currently unsupported by the majority of browsers.

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