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This kind of comic must be common among comic book readers. This is due to the fact that manga, the original kind of comic, has been around since the 20th century and is one of the most well-known pieces of Japanese literature in the world.

In reality, Europe has been familiar with manga since Japan’s colonial history. However, after the success of Tezuka Osamu’s comic book series Astro Boy, the world has begun to recognize the growth of manga more and more. Because of this, Mangaka Tezuka Osamu has been referred to be the Father of Manga. The term “mangaka” is used to refer specifically to the creator or creators of manga comics.



The plot of Secret x Family canters on a talented spy agent with the codename “Twillight” who directs Operation Strix, a crucial effort to maintain international harmony between Westalis in the west and Ostania in the east. Twilight undertakes the task in the hopes that no youngster will ever have to witness the atrocities of a battle between two close neighbours.

Twilight is a Westalis agent tasked with learning more from Donovan Desmond, the head of the National Unity Party in Ostania. Nevertheless, due to Donovan’s intense secrecy and impenetrability, the only way Twilight may get close to him without raising suspicion is through his son.

Twilight, who at first worked and lived alone, was compelled to create a false family to aid in his covert operations. At first, he pretended to be Loid Forger, a psychiatrist employed by Berlint General Hospital. A 6-year-old girl named Anya was also adopted by Twilight alias Loid from an orphanage. Anya’s intellect enthralled Loid, who brought her home right away.

In an effort to meet the politician covertly, Loid rushes to enroll Anya at Eden Academy in the same class as Donovan’s kid. But as it turned out, nothing Loid had planned was as simple as he had thought. In addition to having to adjust to his new roles as a husband and father, a few other things don’t go as planned for Loid.

The Spy x Family anime’s positive reviews on two film review websites attest to its light hearted and engaging plot.


Saitama, a young man who is driven by a desire to be a hero, is the protagonist of the One Punch Man series. He spent three years in non-stop training and eat some healthy foods to chase his childhood passion. Saitama goes completely bald as a result of the operation. He made a lot of sacrifices, but he still managed to become an unbeatable hero. Saitama is capable of taking out all of his foes with a single blow.


Edward Elric and Alponse Elric, two brothers, will be the main characters of Fullmetal Alchemist. They both lament the fact that their deceased mother was devastated by the most forbidden alchemical act, human transformation, which caused her to lose everything. They failed in their endeavors to transmute people. Al’s body and Ed’s left leg are accepted as a “entrance fee” because alchemy forbids the conversion of humans.

After a while, Ed was chosen to fill the position of state alchemist. Ed accepts the offer due to the perks he will have as a state alchemist. The decision Ed made to accept the offer was not without justification; he needed to learn more in order to fix his body and restore Al to his previous state.

So how? Manga is fun isn’t it, manga is a means to entertain many people with a good story and full of plot twists. If you want to know what manga to read, please click here latest adventure manga series online.

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