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In 2022, Five Key Web Design Trends Will Emerge

While building a website, you have the possibility to impress your visitors. Because the internet is overflowing with information, your website must stand out in order to attract visitors. In order for them to use your content, it must first engage them.

You must follow the basic web design guidelines regardless of your occupation. You must make it appealing, user-friendly, and complete with all important information to communicate your story. Above all, the site design process should be enjoyable.

As a result, we evaluate website design trends on an annual basis. The year 2022 will also usher in some amazing web design trends. This year, new solutions, innovation, responsive design, and extreme aesthetics are all on the increase.

It’s time to take a look at the 2022 web design trends to discover how they might help your website stand out!


  1. Adding Videos to Your Design


Videos are always included in website design. If you need to add interviews or promotional videos to your website, films are the best way to engage your audience by joyfully presenting important information.


In web design, videos have already taken on a new function. They’re moving away from being just informative and toward including design elements. Thanks to the seamless introduction of new technologies, videos may now be employed in website design in fascinating and novel ways.


  1. Three-dimensional illustrations


It’s difficult to tell the difference between virtual reality and reality. 3D effects and techniques in 2D space are good instances of this in action. Designers are experimenting with all aspects of 3D, from animations and graphics to scenarios made up of photographs and objects. Illustrations may offer 3D effects and intensity with the use of shadows and the right mindset during the creative process. And as a result, something more lifelike may emerge.

web design Malaysia

  1. Natural Forms


Contrary to common belief, organic shapes have supplanted geometric shapes as the most prominent web design trends for the year of 2022.  A fluid or organic shape is something that isn’t made entirely of straight lines. Natural shapes include river and lake edges, hills, and the way they are twisting and asymmetrical.


Without utilising sharp angles or lines, organic or flowing shapes might be employed to break up the portions of a page. They can also be utilised in the backdrop, similar to how Android’s site employs circles behind each item.


  1. Switch to the Dark Mode.


Dark mode is one of the most popular web design trends in Malaysia for 2022. It’s popular because it creates a low-contrast application or website that’s easier to navigate in dim light. It also aids you in emphasising a particular content type.


The following are some additional reasons to follow this fashion trend:


  • Dark mode helps you save battery life.
  • It provides your device a sleek and modern appearance.
  • Your eyes aren’t stressed when you’re using a device in a low-light environment.


  1. Modifications to the Scrolling


As a result of the changes in scrolling, the way customers interact with web pages has already changed. This current trend will stand out in 2022, thanks to the growth of scroll animations, horizontal scrolling, and storytelling. As a result, websites are becoming more accessible and entertaining, rather than simply functioning as a conduit for connecting consumers to digital activities. These changes not only make for more engaging experiences for users, but they also collect basic information from websites.


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