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How To Stay Safe During A Natural Disaster

Natural disaster is a situation that we can avoid but if it happens, we still have to face it. Your best defense is emergency preparedness, which means making a plan and understanding what actions to follow so that you and your family are ready if it happens.

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There are various types of natural disasters and each one has different ways to make sure that everyone is safe during the time.

There are also few safety measures for specific natural disaster:

  1.       Earthquake

During an earthquake, you should drop down, get under any firm shelter and hold on until the ground stops shaking. This is the common instruction that you will get whenever there are earthquakes.

If you live in a place that has frequent earthquakes, make sure you already install any sturdy desk or compartment. It helps a lot when you need shelter.

  1.       Flood

Flood is one of the easily expected natural disasters as it happens because of your geographical structure or because of buildings structure. Clogged drains might be the reason for it.

There will usually be updates for the authorities about the situation, so if they order you to evacuate, do so. If you are short in time, find higher ground and stay put until it gets better.


Generally, you can do these things which it applies to all situation:

  1.       Have a family emergency plan

You know the geographical structure of your own house and at some places they have annual natural disasters which means it happens every year at the same time. Sit down and discuss with all your family members and make sure to explain everything clearly especially when you have kids around.

  1.       Always refill your emergency kit

Each house should have their own emergency kit. Every time you have been alarmed about the natural disaster that is coming, assemble your emergency kit at one place and refill everything you need. It is also advisable for you to keep important documents and certificates in a plastic folder and seal it tightly.

  1.       Know your escape route

This is important especially for those who live in an apartment. You will have stairs and elevators, in any emergency situation you are prohibited from using any elevator, so use stairs instead. Usually, the constructor will print out the floor plan for each floor and the emergency route to evacuate the buildings. Make sure you are aware of the route.

  1.       Get help in case of emergency

Usually, there will be some medical volunteers around the places. Doctors, therapist and some other specialists will also be around in case there are serious injuries. You can also see some medical assistants roaming around and check for your condition.

Medical assistants are also certified to treat any minor injuries because they have the medical assistant diploma. Do not refuse if they want to treat your injuries, let them do their job.

Natural disasters have been a common thing that some people will experience, so make sure you are always aware of any disaster and take good care of yourself. Prevention is always better than cure. 


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