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How To Introduce Sex To Your Children

Make it known to your children that you have sex.


Let me explain before you become too freaked out. You don’t have to show your kids that you’re having sex; all they need to know is that mommy and daddy are. Start by becoming close to your partner in front of your kids. All forms of touching, kissing, and make-out sessions are permitted. Everything else should be done privately in your rooms. Tell your kids that you need some alone time or that they need to be in their rooms by a certain time. This provides children with a realistic picture of what sex is and where it goes in general.


It’s time to answer to the queries now that your children are aware of the presence of sex. Humans are naturally curious creatures, and children are even more so. So don’t be surprised if your kids have sex-related questions for you. So, what’s the best way to go about it? There’s only one thing left to do now: reply to them. Modesty is just as crucial as honesty. It’s not necessary to terrify them with grisly details.

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Now that your children have a good knowledge of what sex is and how it works, it’s time to address the dark side of the subject. I’m referring to the risks associated with having sex. Pregnancy is, without a doubt, the most obvious risk. Now, I’m not suggesting that getting pregnant is a bad thing, but I’m very certain that no parent wants their 14-year-old child to become pregnant. You must teach your children that having sex causes pregnancy and that they should wait until they are ready or use protection before having sex.


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