How Are People Getting Addicted To Gambling?

In this era or throughout this Covid 19 Pandemic people are getting obsessed with several activities like the consumption of medicine and alcohol, illegal money making and gambling. These activities not only lead to a pathway of self harming but also the people around them which is really frustrating. If you are aware, unless you are living under a rock, during this pandemic time, Malaysia recorded a continuous number of drink and drive cases which spared several poor, innocent lives that made the government to think twice about the law and regulations. That is when the ministers were deciding upon to increase the weightage of the punishment for those offenders. Addiction is a serial killer in these cases. What about gambling? Why are people getting too addicted to it where some of them stopped caring for their loved ones? How worse could it go?

First of all, similar to any other addiction, the addiction to gambling can bring harm as well. The first reason is there is easy access for gambling. I mean why would someone worry about stepping out of their house when there are online casinos? Gambling made easier than ever before. Within a click, the gamblers will be able to place their wager. No matter how much effort the countries put into ending these gambling centres and activities, there is no point as these gamblers will find a way to reach their favourite gambling destination. Even if the authorities obstruct the gamling centres, what about online gambling then? Till date, there are millions of websites available out there for gamblers which will only soar the number of people getting addicted where it should be inclined. These are why addiction to gambling in the majority of the countries.

The next utmost reason is financial problems. The thought of involving in gambling can be a cure for those who face issues economically, should be avoided. There are many other ways to earn more pocket money because gambling definitely pushes someone into addiction. Those people will be desperate to make fast money to ease their burden and will eventually do whatever it takes to obtain the money where they never realise the consequences. Anything that causes addictions is never the solution and people should go for other options that can ease their burden. Furthermore, people should visit family planners or counselors if they really need help.

Following financial problems, the history of gamblers in a family leads to addiction indirectly. How is this so? For an example, if the parents or grandparents are gamblers, the probability that the children ending up in gambling are high. This is because the children will see what the others are doing and this eventually will trigger the ‘must try’ attitude in them, So what happens next is, they will eventually try them out and perhaps will even start betting with the parents. A responsible gambler here will refrain their children from gambling as they will not want their children to get addicted meanwhile on the other hand, the irresponsible parents may include their children into gambling as well. So it is crystal clear that slot online malaysia that are played by parents have the chances to influence the kids as well.

Personal stress is another reason in the list that causes addiction. People who go through stress, job loss or divorce may find gambling as an escape for their situation. The pleasure or relief that they obtain by gambling will lead to addiction when they consciously seek it when they are feeling demotivated or down. Similar to financial problems, there are other ways that can be done to overcome these problems that gambling absolutely is not the one that they should be involving them in.

Finally, addiction is something that should be given attention as it may require a lot of time to get out from it. It is a trap that we make for ourselves. The path for recovery can be really challenging and that is why many authorities have been voicing out their concerns regarding issues like these. We as someone who has the ability to think, must be able to differentiate what is can be beneficial and harm us at the same.

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