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Building Your Dream House

Building your own house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do it all on your own. It could be you deciding on what and what not to include. The design and architecture may not be your job, but you could give your homebuilders the directions and inspirations on how you envisioned it to be. Here are a few tips to build a house that you will be well pleased in.

metal roof installation


This is the first and foremost step and it is crucial in shaping the desired outcome. Without proper planning, you might end up spending extra money on renovating your house. Planning includes deciding the layout of the house, design of the size and style of the rooms, what type of materials to use, the piping system of the house, whether to include metal roof installation or not, the overall features of the house, so on and so forth. 


It is important for you to calculate and estimate how much it is going to cost you. However, in most cases, the final cost of building your own house will be more than your estimation. The completing expenses are usually excluded from what your builder originally quoted. For instance, the cost for finishing and concreting, the cost for adding fences, doors and gates, site costs etc.

Estimate the Timeline

It will take a long time to finish building your house. Few things to be taken into consideration are buying the land, hiring professionals, designing the layout of the house, reviewing the architectural plans, getting a bank loan, and finally the construction of the house. You will also have to make sure that your timeline meets your budget.

Hiring a team of professionals

You will have to hire a team of professionals that include architects, surveyors, electricians, plumbers, builders and a lawyer. Note that you will be working with the team for at least several months, maybe even up to years. The architect will be in charge of designing the interior and exterior of your house. The surveyors are there to make sure that everything is meeting the quality and in compliance with the construction laws and regulations. Electricians and plumbers will be in charge of designing and installing the electrical and water system into your house. The builders will be in charge of constructing your house and the lawyer is there to handle all your legal documents and also advise you on legal issues such as preventing violation or any possible legal action.

metal roof installation

Finalizing and Building

After completing all of the above, you will have to finalize the architectural blueprint with your architect. Take note that there are factors to consider whether the architect is going to include all of your design input. Those factors include local housing and zoning rules, natural lighting and airflow etc. Once finalized, you will not be able to revise it once the construction is ongoing. 

You will then proceed to obtain a housing loan from the bank to pay for the land that you are going to build your house upon and also for the building cost. Next, you will need to obtain building permits from the local government, prepare the land for construction, choose the building materials, and design the interiors. Once all of that is completed, you will then need to get a certification of completion and compliance before you move in.

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