Breastfeeding Newborns: What to expect in the first week

1.“Will breastfeeding hurt?”

Breastfeeding must not hurt. However, it’s true that some moms experience some discomfort in the first few days. Of course, your nipples are still not used to the frequent sucking your child is doing. The first 2 days may be uncomfortable, since your baby and your own body are getting used to breastfeeding.

2.“Is my child getting enough breast milk?”

Some moms resort to formula feeding after quite some time because they think that they are not producing enough breast milk. Are you stocking up on baby milk bottles from Malaysia, hoping to do the same? Since you only produce little amount of breast milk at first, it’s normal to worry that it won’t satisfy your kid. Just focus on feeding on demand, and you will surely produce the amount your baby needs.

3.“When should I begin breastfeeding my newborn?”

Try breastfeeding your baby an hour after birth. By sucking rhythmically or latching on, she starts switching on the cells in your breasts in order to initiate milk supply. Support he body, and let her find her way to the breast. Soon, she would learn how to self-attach. You can learn more about this by researching on the “breast crawl” process.

4.“What if the birthing process didn’t go as planned?”

If you experienced some complications, or had a c-section, you can still have skin-to-skin moments with your child, and breastfeed her for hours. However, if you are not allowed to hold her, the second-best thing you can do is for the child to have skin-to-skin bonding time with your partner instead. This will help the baby feel loved and safe.

5.“Is my kid latching on well?”

Correct attachment is important. A poor latch may cause damaged, or sore nipples, so if you experience this, feel free to consult a health care professional. Problems may arise anytime, so make sure that attachment is fine.

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