An Experience That No One Wants To Face

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You graduated high school, you, your friends and your classmates all go with their own path. Life is good. Many years have passed, you no longer keep in touch with your high school friends and classmates, because you already have your life and journey to deal with. Then one day, out of the blue, you suddenly got a text from your classmate. And you wonder to yourself “Hmm..why would he contact me all of the sudden?”. But you do not think much about it as you and that person used to play online games together back in high school. But somehow, you still got the feeling that he is trying to sell you insurance, or possibly promote his MLM business. Because after high school, you all no longer keep in touch. So that person contacting you out of nowhere is surprising.

You replied to his text, both of you carrying on with the small conversation. He then asked you if you would like to meet up one day to have dinner together as it has been a while since you two last met. You accepted his offer because you thought to yourself “why not?”. You then set up with the timing so you two can meet up for old time sake.

On the day itself, you arrive at the destination. You then saw your classmate, waiting for you at the table he was sitting at. You went to the table, sit down, and both of you started talking. After 20 minutes of conversation, the two of you went ahead and order some food because you all are starving. After finishing the nice meal, the classmate of yours started taking out some kind of business book. Turns out, it’s an MLM business book. He then started talking to you about business opportunities and how being part of the MLM family can guarantee your future by earning a lot of money. You feel betrayed. You tell yourself that you should have trusted your own instincts. There is no way that the world can be so kind until your old classmate wants to meet up with you for old time sake. You didn’t even listen to the talk as you know that you have no interest in doing any sort of MLM business in your life. After he is done talking, you then be politically correct by telling him that you will consider his offer. After that, you thanked him for inviting you out to catch up, and you said that it has been a while since you two last met. After telling him that you two should meet up again, you two never met again.

To all MLM business people, no one is stopping you from making a living. But please do not invite people you know just so you can promote your MLM business. With the age of social media, utilize your creativity by promoting your MLM business.

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